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Dr. M.Dasan  Prof. (Dr). M. Dasan
Ph.D (English), M.A (English) University of Calicut
PHONE; 257034
Email: Office:  hoddcl@gmail.com
Other designations: Dean, School of Languages and Comparative Literature 
Head,Department of English and Comparative Literature
Areas of Interest: Post Colonial theory, Culture Studies
American, Canadian ,Australian  Indian, and Indian Literatures,
Aboriginal/Dalit/Tribal Studies
Communicative english
Drama and Theatre
Course Offered: Dalit Studies/Literature
American Literature
Canadian Literature
Dramatic Mode
Brief Profile Dr. M. Dasan was awarded Ph.D in English by University of Calicut in 1995 for his thesis on African American Drama. He was recruited by Kerala Public Service Commission as Lecturer in English, Government College Madappally in 1998. He was appointed as Lecturer in the Dept of English  Calicut University  in July 1998 . While continuing there as Reader he was appointed as Professor in the Department of English, Kannur University in 2000. He served as Professor, Head, and Dean of the Faculty of Language and Literature of  Kannur University till 2013. Appointed as Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature in November 2015. Currently Working as Head of the Department  and Dean of Faculty of Languages and Comparative Literature.

He was awarded UGC post doctoral research award for three years( 2006-2009) to work on  the Theyyam :The most popular ritual and performing art of North Malabar and completed the project in time.

He was also awarded  Post doctoral Research Fellowship  by Canadian Government through Shastri Indo Canadian Institute on a project on Canadian First Nations Literature in 1997.

Major Publications include 

9 Books

1.       Counter cultural Discourse and Dalit Literature in India, ABD Publishers, Jaipur, 2014.

2. Theyyam:Patronage,Appropriation and Interpolation: Kannur University , Kerala , 2012.

3.       Anthology of Malayalam Dalit Literature, Oxford University Press, Chennai 2012.

4.       Mapping Marginality : Premises and Perspectives,Emerald , Chennai, 2011.

5.       Ethnicity and Identity: India and Canada, Creative Books, New Delhi, 2009

6.       Rethinking Multiculturalism: Critical Essays on American Literature, Emerald Publishers,  Chennai, 2006.

7.       Discourses of (Dis) content: Critical Essays on Commonwealth Literature, Emerald Chennai,   2006.

8.       Beyond Resistance: Critical Essays on First Nations Literatures of Canada, Calicut University Press, 2003

9.       Racial Consciousness in Black American Drama, Creative Books,New Delhi, 2000

And more than 40 articles on a variety of topics like Aboriginal/Dalit/Tribal  Cultures, writings. Land rights, women writings, environment


“Dalit/Tribal Literatue in Translation” Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, April 1-4,2016

Poetry of Re(z)sisters: Militancy in South African Black Women and Indian Dalit Women Poems: A Comparison” 10th Annual Conference of the African Literature Association, 9-13 April 2014, Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ø  “Chinese Canadian Women and the Eternal Immigrant Experience” Beijing Foreign Studies  University, China. ( Oct. 2010)

Ø   “Indigenous Performing Traditions and Cultural Appropriation”, University of Holguin, Cuba. 2010.

Ø   “Indigenous Peoples and Alternative Education”, University of Holguin, Cuba.

“WritingAboriginalCultures:MudroorooNaroginsDr.Worredys  PrescriptionandK.J.Babys  Mavelimantram:ACrossCulturalComparisonUniversity of Western Austarlia. 1977..

 Ø  “Rethinking Indian Culture”, Minnesota University, USA 1997

 Ø  “First Nations Writing of Canada and Tribal writing in India”Carleton University, Canada 1997.

Also presented  about 100 research papers in International and  National Seminars in India and  Abroad on a variety of topics related to English Language and Literature and culture studies.
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