Central University of Kerala

Sakthivel Dr. A. Sakthivel - Associate Professor
Department Of  Chemistry
School Of Physical Science
Mobile: 8527103259 /9811891257, Official: 265-3393800
Email:   sakthivelcuk@cukerala.ac.in/ sakthiveldu@gmail.com

Other designations:        
Specialisation: Inorganic Chemistry
Course Offered:    Chemistry of d & f block elements (Spectra and Magnetic properties of TM elements)
•   Practical Inorganic Chemistry (Instrumentation Techniques I & II)
•   Practical Inorganic Synthesis (coordination compounds and metal oxides)
•   Chemistry of Silicon and boron compounds
•   Catalysis and Bioinorganic Chemistry
•   Organo-metallic and Bio-inorganic Chemistry
•   Organic Reactions and Synthesis
•   Inorganic rings, clusters and cages
•   Inorganic spectroscopy (EPR, NMR, NQR)
Brief Profile: Dr. A. Sakthivel is currently working as Associate Professor & Head in the Department of Chemistry, Central University of Kerala, Kerala. Dr.Sakthivel received his Ph.D from Indian Institute of Technology­Bombay in 2002 under the supervision of Professor P. Selvam. Subsequently he had several postdoctoral research experience from various international Institutes, viz., Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Taiwan (2002­2004; Prof. Shang­Bin Liu), Technical University of Munich, Germany as AvH fellow (2004­2006, Prof. Fritz E. Kuhn) and Gifu University, Japan (2006­2008, Prof. Y. Sugi). Before joining as Assistant Professor (2010­ Jan. 2016), at University of Delhi, he spent two and half years (2008­ 2010) in Industrial R&D (Reliance Industries Limited), where he developed a new methodology for synthesis of an industrial important zeolite upto the pilot­plant scale. Dr. A. Sakthivel has published 83 research articles, 3 book chapters having more than 1850 citations with the overall h­index of 25, and also received 4 patents. Dr. Sakthivel received a prestigious Dr. Sistala Kameshwari Young Scientist Award­2015 by Catalysis Society of India, for his development of molecular sieve composite based heterogeneous catalysts for various organic transformations. Dr. Sakthivel is also a recipient of various international awards such as AvH, Max­Plank Research Fellow and JSPS Fellow. His researches have been funded by CSIR, DST and UGC. His current research group focuses on development of silicate, phosphate, metal oxides based heterogeneous catalysts for the various catalytic processes such as isomerization of hydrocarbon, hydroformylation of olefin, activation of linear hydrocarbon as well as utilization of bio­mass and CO2 for the future energy etc. He has supervised 3 Ph.D. & 2 M.Tech scholars and presently five Ph.D. research scholars working in his group. 


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