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Prof. (Dr). Kalarikad Jonah Thomas - Dean & HoD

Dr.KJ Thomas Prof.(Dr). Kalarikad Jonah Thomas - Dean & HoD 
Department Of  Physics
School of Physical Science
Tel Ph: : +91-467- 2285491                            Mobile: +91-8943997832
E-Mail: Official:  kj_thomas@cukerala.ac.in   Personal:  kjt1003@gmail.com
Other Designations:        Head, Department of Physics
Dean, School of Physical Sciences
Specialisation: Condensed Matter Physics: Nanoelectronics, Low temperature transport phenomena in mesoscopic systems
Course Offered: Condensed Matter Physics PHY 523 
Brief Profile: Dr. Thomas obtained his M. Sc from Department of Physics, University College, Thiruvananthapuram, M. Phil from Department of Physics, University of Kerala, Kariavattom, and Ph. D from the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK. Before joining Central University of Kerala as Professor, he worked as Senior Research Associate (2012-2016) in London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN), University College London, prior to which he served in the World Class University Programme of Govt. of Korea as Associate Professor (2009-2012) at Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea. He was also awarded the Royal Society Research Fellowship (2000-2008) for conducting advanced research on Electron-Electron Interactions in One-Dimensional Quantum Wires while he was a researcher in the Cavendish Laboratory. His research field is Experimental Condensed Matter Physics. He has specialized in low-temperature transport phenomena of low-dimensional systems. He has been an investigator to several EPSRC funded research projects in UK, and has published more than 30 articles in international journals. His research has contributed 

Dr. Vincent Mathew - Professor

Dr.Vincent Mathew Dr.Vincent Mathew - Professor
Ph.D. (University of Delhi),MSc.Physics
Department Of  Physics
School Of Physical Science
Tel : Office: +91-4994-2570xx,    Home: +91-4822-260474,  Mobile: +91-9447137629
E-Mail: Official:  vincent@cukerala.edu.in                    Personal:vincent.mathew.palai@gmail.com
Other designations:        Head, Department of Physics, Dean, Students’ Welfare
Specialisation: Condensed Matter Physics, Wave Phenomena, Photonics, Computational Physics
Course Offered: PHY 512: Electromagnetic Theory
PHY524: Computational Physics
PHY 531: Quantum Mechanics II
PHY 5015  Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
PHY 5030: Computational Quantum Mechanics
Brief Profile: After obtaining MSc (1990) from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Dr. Vincent Mathew has been with IIT Kanpur as Research Fellow in the area of Atmospheric Physics, and he joined University of Delhi for PhD in 1994, under the Supervision of Professor G.P.Srivastava and Dr.Agnikumar G Vedeshwar, and was awarded Ph.D. in 1998. From July 1998,onwards Dr. Vincent Mathew was working as Adhoc/Guest Faculty in Physics at University of Delhi and St. Thomas College, Palai, Kerala till 2001. He joined St. Thomas College, Palai as Assistant Professor in January 2002 and has joined Central University of Kerala as Associate Professor in Physics in September 2011.  He has worked as visiting Scientist at University of Pecs, Hungary, in 2007 (International Exchange Programme of INSA and HAS) and was selected with full funding for participation in a workshop at ICTP, Italy in 2007. He has completed three major research projects and one minor project.

He specialises in the following areas: Theoretical condensed matter Physics, Photonics and General Computational Physics. At present he is the Head of the Department and serving as Dean, Students’ Welfare.He has guided 7 PhD students, 3 M.Phil. students and at present 8 students are working for PhD under his guidance.He has written more than 40 research papers and published one books (Edited volume).   
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Dr. P. M. Aneesh - Assistant Professsor

Aneesh PM Dr.P.M Aneesh - Assistant Professor 
Ph.D. (CUSAT,Cohin),MSc.Physics
Department Of  Physics
School Of Physical Science
Tel Ph: : +91-467-                         Mobile: 09447719721
E-Mail: Official:  aneeshpm@cukerala.ac.in Personal:   aneeshpm@gmail.com    
Other designations:        
Specialisation: Nanostructured materials, Nano structured devices, Optoelectronic and microelectronic thin film devices, Organic devices,Transparent electronics
Course Offered: PHY513: Mathematical Physics I
PHY522: Quantum Mechanics I
PHY532: Nuclear and Particle Physics
PHY 501: Electronics – II (Practical Oriented)
PHY 515: Lab I (M.Sc.)
PHY 525: Lab II (M.Sc.)
PHY 535: Lab III (M.Sc.) 
Brief Profile: Dr. P. M. Aneesh received his Ph.D in Physics from Cochin University of Science and Technology, India (Thesis Advisor: Prof. M. K. Jayaraj) in 2011, M.Sc in Physics from Cochin University of Science and Technology, India in 2005 and B.Sc in Physics from MES KVM College Valanchery (University of Calicut, India) in 2003. After his Ph. D, he worked as post-doctoral research fellow at ENEA Research Laboratory, Portici, Italy and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research. Thiruvananthapuram (IISER-TVM), India. He was an Assistant Professor in Physics at Govt. Brennen College Thalassery, India, before joining Central University of Kerala in 2014. His research interests are in the area of nanomaterials and devices, organic devices, transparent conducting oxides. Aneesh has more than 20 publications in international journals, co-authored one text book chapter and more than 25 national/international conference publications.

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Dr. Edayillam Prasad - Assistant Professor

edayillam prasd Dr.Edayillam Prasad - Assistant Professor 
Ph.D. (University of Calicut),MSc
Department Of  Physics
School Of Physical Science
Tel Ph: : +91-467-2244122         Mobile: +91-9048359097
E-Mail: Official:  prasadenair@cukerala.edu.in     
Personal:  prasad.e.nair@gmail.com
Other designations:        R S O (Nominated),
Specialisation: Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Reaction, Heavy ion Physics
Course Offered: PHY513: Mathematical Physics I
PHY522: Quantum Mechanics I, 
PHY532: Nuclear and Particle Physics
PHY5032: Nuclear Instrumentations.
PHY508: Nuclear Reactions
Brief Profile: Dr. E. Prasad is working as an Assistant Professor of Physics in the Department of Physics, Central University of Kerala since 2011. Dr. Prasad is currently on study leave availing Australain Research Council Fellowship (2014-17) at the Australian National University. He did his Ph D in Experimental Nuclear Physics from Calicult University collaborating with IUAC New Delhi, in 2010. Before joining C U Kerala, he worked as Assistant Professor of Physics in Govt College Kasaragod for a year.  

Dr. Prasad is the first rank holder with University Gold medal in B Sc and M Sc Physics and a recepient of CSIR-UGC Junior Research Fellowhip. Dr. Prasad specialises in Nuclear physics, experimental physics, heavy ion fusion and  fission physics and high energy physics. He has a wide range of experience in  experimental nuclear physics:  recoil mass spectrometers, scattering chambers, solid state and gas detectors, gas-filled recoil mass separators, nuclear target fabrication, accelerator tuning, radiation detector handling, nuclear data analysis, programming in C, CPP, Fortran, Python and ROOT. He has 30 international research papers to his credit, majority of them in American Physical Society journals and has more than 30 national/international conference presentations. He has research projects in collaboration with IUAC New Delhi, and is a memebr of Kerala chapter of INO research. Currently he is guiding 4 Ph D students.

Dr E Prasad is invited as plenary speaker in International Conference (NRNN 2017) at University of Messina
Central University of Kerala faculty Dr. E. Prasad, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics is invited as a Plenary speaker for the International Conference Nuclear Reactions on Nucleons and Nuclei 2017 (NRNN2017) to be held at University of Messina, Italy during 25-27 October 2017. Dr. Prasad is also selected as the international advisory committee member of this conference among other leading nuclear scientists across the world, a great recognition of his research activities in the field of nuclear science. He is the only Indian member in the international committee of this conference.
The conference will focus on the new projects and new lines of researches in the field of Nuclear Reactions that will be developed in the main laboratories and research centres during the next 10-15 years. 
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Dr. Subasa Chandra Sahoo - Assistant Professor

subasa-CS Dr.Subasa Chandra Sahoo - Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (IIT Bombay),MSc.Physics
Department Of  Physics
School of Physical Science
Tel Ph: : 
E-Mail: Official:  subasa@cukerala.ac.in         Personal:  subasa.cs@gmail.com
Other designations:        
Specialisation: Magnetic Materials, Thin Films, Bilayers, Carbon and Diamond Related Materials
Course Offered: PHY 514: Electronics I
PHY 521: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
PHY 531: Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
PHY 507: Magnetic Materials and Devices
PHY 608 Advanced Materials Science (M.Phil.)
PHY 525 Lab II (M.Sc.) 
Brief Profile: After M.Sc. (2001) from UtkalUniversity, India and Ph.D. (2010) from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India, Dr. SubasaC. Sahoo had been working as visiting scientist in Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Seoul, South Korea from Nov, 2010 to Oct, 2011. He was teaching assistant (TA) for different undergraduate (B.Tech.) and post graduate (M.Sc.) level laboratory courses during his Ph.D. in the Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India.He specialises in the following areas: Magnetic Materials, Thin Films, Nanomaterials,Diamonds and Related Materials. At present he is engaged in the project “Synthesis, Structural and Magnetic Correlation Studies of Magnetic Nanoparticles”, a UGC-BSR Grant, Govt. of India. At present four students are working for Ph.D. under his guidance.He has 17research publications in international/national journals.                                                                                                                   Read more    

Dr. Swapna S Nair - Associate Professor

Swapna Dr.Swapna S Nair - Associate Professor
Ph.D. (CUSAT,Cohin),MSc.Physics
Department Of  Physics
School Of Physical Science
Tel :office                                               Mobile:+91-8281261375
E-Mail: Official: swapna@cukerala.edu.in    Personal: swapna.s.nair@gmail.com
Other designations:        
Specialisation: Nanomaterials,  NEMS/MEMS, Multiferroics, Ferrofluids
Course Offered: PHY 511: Classical Mechanics
PHY 554: Condensed matter Physics 
PHY 554: Solid State Physics (with experiments) 
PHY 5020: Nanophotonics
PHY 515: LAB 1
PHY 5010: Synthesis of Materials Science
PHY 5011: Material Characterisation Techniques
Brief Profile: After M.Sc.and Ph.D.from Cochin University of Science and Technology, Dr.Swapna S. Nair had been working as a Post-Doctoral fellow in Institute of Nanomaterials, Nanodevices and Nanomodeling(I3N), Portugal in nanomaterials and devices from Jan. 2008 to Dec. 2011. Later she joined as a Post-Doctoral researcher in CICECO, University of Aveiro, in Jan. 2012. She had taught in SreeSankaraVidyaPeetom College, M.G. University from 2006-2007 as Assistant Professor in (against FIP vacancy), and as Full time Assistant Professor (Contract) in International School of Photonics (M.Tech. Photonics programme), Cochin University of Science and Technology (2007-2008)before joining Central University of Kerala as Assistant Professor in Department of Physics in 2012.She specialises in the following areas: Nanomaterials, NEMS/MEMS, Energy materials, Multiferroics& magneto electrics, Ferrofluids, and Biomedical applications of nanomaterials. At present she is engaged in the project "Development of lead-free multiferroic 3-0(nanoparticulate composite), and 2-2 (multilayers) by sol-gel method for magnetoelectric devices", UGC Start Up grant, 2013-15´.At present 5 students are working for PhD under her guidance.She has written 38 research articles (25 research articles and 13 book chapters, all Peer reviewed international) and published 2 books (International Peer reviewed).Two of her publications received more than 100 citations while 5 of her publications received 50 citations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Read more     







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