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Election to the Student’s Council

Election to the following posts of the University Students Union  and the dates are hereby notified

Department level representatives (2 from each of the  22 departments) = 44

University Level Representatives

President 1

Vice President ( 2)

General Secretary 1

Joint Secretary (2)

Executive Committee Members ( 4)


Notification of elections:  3  November, 2017

Publication of the voters list:  7 November 2017

Last date for nominations: 9 November

Scrutiny of the applications & display of list of eligible candidates : 10 November

Date for withdrawal: 13 November

Date of election: Friday the 17th of  November  (  Union Office Bearers also will be elected from 4.30 to 5.30 pm on the  same day and sworn in on the same day).

There will be an indirect system of elections as in the previous years. However, there will not be nomination to half the number of posts as in the past. Instead of the 40 representatives, there will be 44 representatives at the department level (subject to sanction of 4 more seats by the Vice Chancellor), which will constitute the Electoral College for electing the University level office bearers. All the 44 seats will be filled through election.  Each student will have one vote. Two candidates securing the highest votes from each department will be declared winners. 

For selecting University level posts, the department representatives will be given a single ballot paper and asked to write a single name of their choice. The person securing the highest number of votes will be elected president, the person securing the next highest number of votes will be the General Secretary, vice president and so on until all the posts are filled. This will ensure proportionate representation rather than create a winner-takes- all scenario.

In case of a tie, the winning candidate will be decided by draw of lots.

 All candidates contesting elections should have 75% attendance  and no academic arrears as per Lyndoh Committee Report .

The Heads of Departments are requested to display the list of eligible voters including the Ph.D scholars who have received provisional registration orders on the notice board on the 7th of November. Please appoint one of the faculty members to serve as the election officer at the department level.  The election to the posts of department representatives will be  held during the morning hours from 10 am to 12..30  pm . In departments where end-semester examinations are scheduled on that day in the morning hours, it shall be from 1.30 to  4.30 pm.  Every effort should be made in such departments to complete the process even earlier with the cooperation of the students.


Prof John S Moolakkattu, CEO


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Central University of Kerala Notifications Events Notification of Election to the Student’s Council