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Central University of Kerala About Vision


The Central University of Kerala is founded on the lofty vision of a ‘caring wisdom’ that aims at sensitizing present and future generations to the need for the enrichment of the individual, to the sustainable development of society, and to environmental harmony.We are committed to the task of generating and disseminating knowledge in cutting edge areas of learning through innovative teaching/learning methodologies which ensure the maturation of individuals through physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth. This challenging academic mission is enthused by the ideals of interdisciplinarity, meaningful local-global interaction, ecological balance, and equilibrium of physical and spiritual faculties.
Our holistic scheme of education privileges critical insight, transparent methodology and scientific temperament, even as it emphasizes the values of tolerance, peace and joy. The concept of education as envisioned by the Central University of Kerala transcends the barriers of time and place facilitating a confluence of various cultures and traditions upholding the rights and dignity of the individual across all classes, knowledge systems and all ages. We wish to set a new benchmark for quality higher education which is charged with the missionary zeal to establish a world that respects the equality of genders, classes and creeds; promotes scientific thought, cherishes the dreams of inclusive development, and celebrates the balance of culture and nature.


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