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Programmes Offered

The following courses are offered by Central University of Kerala(CUK).

Courses Offered 

Under Graduate Courses (after passing +2/equivalent examination)

01.B.A. International Relations

Post Graduate Courses (after passing Bachelor Degree/equivalent examination)

01. M.A. Hindi and Comparative Literature (26 seats)

02. M.Sc. Animal Science (20 seats)

03.M.Sc. Genomic Science (20 seats)

04.Msc.Bio chemistrty & Molecular Biology (20 seats)

05.M.Sc. Plant Science (20 seats)

06.M.A. Economics(26 seats)

07.M.A. International Relations and Politics (26 seats)

08.M.A English and Comparative Literature (26 seats)

09.M.A Linguistics & Langugae Technology (26 seats)

10.M.Sc. Physics (20 seats)

11.M.Sc. Chemistry (20 seats)

12.M.Sc. Mathematics (26 seats)

13.M.Sc. Computer Science (20 seats)

14.MSW (26 seats)

15.M.Sc. Environmental Science (26 seats)

16.Law (LLM) (26 seats)

17.M.Ed. (25 seats)

18. Master of Public Health and Community Medicine

19. M.Sc. Geology

20. M.A. Malayalam

21. M.A. Public Administration and Policy Studies

# Students enrolling in these courses shall get Master Degree in the concerned discipline after successful completion of two years of study from the date of admission.

Research Courses***

01.Ph.D. Hindi and Comparative Literature

02.Ph.D Animal Science

03.Ph.D Genomic Science

04.Msc. Bio chemistrty & Molecular Biology

05.Ph.D Plant Science

06.Ph.D. Economics)

07.Ph.D. International Relations and Politics

08.Ph.D English and Comparative Literature

09.Ph.D Linguistics & Langugae Technology

10.Ph.D Physics

11.Ph.D Chemistry

12.Ph.D Mathematics

13.Ph.D Computer Science

14.Ph.D Social Work

15.Ph.D Environmental Science

16.Ph.D Law

17.Ph.D Education

18.Ph.D Geology

*** The Ph.D. course shall be strictly in accordance to UGC Regulations on Minimum Standards and Procedure for the award of Ph.D. Degree



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Central University of Kerala Academics Programmes Programmes Offered